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When you tried what the Medical Doctor has suggested and prescribed, now you can get the results your body needs!
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Based On Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Sorge started Abunda Life for an alternative to people seeking help with their health.
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Powerful cleansing and nourishing Vitamins, Herbs, Tonics, Detoxification and Homeopathics that treat the root cause of illness!
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Get safe powerful products from Abunda Life Laboratories formulated by Dr. Sorge
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Cutting edge Blood and Urine Analysis

There are no guessing games, we use your blood and urine and run the results through our software

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Everything in Cloud

How do you be cutting edge without using data centers in the cloud all of the world, we recognize this.

Specific Health Plans

Very tailored programs to get your health back

Dr. Sorge takes the thousands of case studies knowledge and applies what things work and alter them according to your specific needs.

Best Experience Ever Made In The History Of The Alternative Medicine.

Safe - Professional - Effective

Dr. Sorge can help get you on your way to a life you want.

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Nutritional Testing

Option 1 - Basic

$ 297.00

  • Choice One - Basic
  • No Laboratory Assessment
  • Office Visit / or Phone Consultation Based on the most extensive Questionnaire developed for nutritional assessment Naturopathic Nutritional interpretation of over 4,000 health systems Personal Nutrition Consultation Definitive Recommendations Personal Nutrition Protocol based on your test results Educational literature One Year Subscription to our Newsletter
Regular Rate $ 597.00 Special Introductory Rate Only - $297.00

Option 2 - Silver

$ 597.00

  • Silver Level
  • Nutrition Testing and Personal Health Evaluation With Extensive Laboratory Diagnostic Testing
  • Includes: Everything in Choice One Plus….. About 75 Diagnostic Laboratory blood and urine Tests for Nutritional diagnostic purposes Initial office Visit Iridology Analysis Follow Up report of findings office visit Nutritional Protocol based on your individual bio-chemestry Individual nutritional counseling beased on your test results Extensive computer readout
Regular Rate $ 1,297.00 Special Introductory Rate Only- $ 597

Option 3 - Gold

$ 997.00

  • Option 3
  • Male / Female Hormone Profile
  • Includes : Everything in Basic, Silver Plus.... Male / Female Hormone Testing Adrenal Exhaustion Test Hair Biopsy Testing for heavy Metal and Environmental polution Hair Mineral Analysis Human Growth (repair) & Hormone Testing for Anti-aging
Regular Rate $ 2,000.00 Special Introductory Rate Only - $ 997.00

Option 4 - Optimum Health

$ 1,497.00

  • Option 4
  • Early Warning Preventitive Testing
  • Includes : Everything in Basic, Silver, Gold Plus.... Cancer Anti-body Testing Stroke Precursor Test Early Heart Disease Testing Cellular Oxygen Deficiency Testing Early Alzheimer's Prevention Testing Blood Viscosity Testing Pre-Diabetic Testing Inflammatory Testing
Regular Rate $ 5,000.00 Special Introductory Rate Only - $ 1,497.00
Abunda Life uses the lastest Scientific Breakthrough in Blood Diagnostics for Nutrition, Metabolic and Hormonal Assessment. Abunda Life Nutritional Testing program interprets your Blood Tests and provides you a Personal Snapshot of your Symptomontology. Our Service May Include (Level Based): Your Initial Office Visit Your Blood and Urine Laboratory Fees for 60 Blood Tests and 12 Urine Tests Computer Analysis of Over 1000 Possible Symptoms, Body Signs andSignals Cellular Oxygen Analysis Iridology Analysis BodyFat Composition Analysis Interpretation of Diagnostic Laboratory Tests Specifically for Personal Nutrition, Hormonal and Metabolic Assessment Purposes Follow Up Report of Findings, Office Visit and Professional Recommendations Personal Plan of Action based on Your Test Results.

Recommendations Include: Naturopathic Detoxification Program or Nutrition Program Nutritional Supplementation Program Alterative Medicine/ Naturopathic Medicine Treatment Plan all based on,Your Individual Bio-Chemistry More Personal Health Data Analysis THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

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