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Dietary Supplements

Most of us are not able to acquire all of our essential nutrients from our diets alone. Even the healthiest of diets lack vital nutrients that can compromise our optimal health and vitality. At Abunda Life we offer complete lines of Dietary Supplements.

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  • Naturopathic Food Medicines
  • Natural Food Based Vitamin Supplements
  • Wild Craft Herbs
  • Botanical Healing Teas
  • Ionic Liquid Minerals
  • Liquid Homeopathic Remedies
  • Amino Acid Supplements
  • Naturopathic Detoxification Products
  • Healing Nutritional Broths
  • Nutritional Protocols for Most health Conditions
  • Morning Health Drink, Yourgurt Health Drink, Green Drink
    Blood Building Broth, Thyroid Nutrition Broth, Bed Time Bowel Tonic
  • Dr. Robert H. Sorge

    drsorge nt

    Robert H. Sorge N.D. PHd
    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Since 1964
    Mr. North America 1959