Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine’s

Philosophy of Detoxification

In naturopathic medicine we believe that toxicity is the common denominator of all disease.  This concept unlike orthodox drug medicine has not changed over it’s thousands of years of history.  The idea that toxic substances cause disease is ancient.

This principle was taught by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, in the 4th century BC, in all the medical schools and in the ancient Greek Empire.  Roman medical texts taught the same principle.  Ancient Chinese medical, writings speak of harmful Chi as well as toxins that cause illness.  Folk medicine and herbal medicine both emphasized detoxification as the basis of healing.  For thousands of years, naturopathic medicine has been known as the art and science of detoxification.

In certain respects naturopathic medicine has not changed much since the great flood of Noah’s day.  Hydrotherapy, enemas, poultices, herbs, fasting, sunshine, fresh air, massage, emetics, laxatives, purgatives, skin brushing cleansing diets and other methods for eliminating poisons are an integral part of naturopathic history.

Twenty-first century naturopathic doctors have added to their tool kit, colon hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bio-magnetic therapy, ozone therapy, raw juice therapy, vitamin saturation therapy, spinal manipulation therapy, homeopathic medicine, bach flower remedies, botanical medicine, fitness medicine, chiropractic medicine, drugless osteopathic medicine, ionic foot detoxification bath therapy, colon therapy, eye strengthening therapy, I.V. chelation/vitamin therapy, psychovisual therapy, brain washing therapy, spiritual life development, bio-identical hormone restoration therapy, anti-aging medicine and much more.

The basic principle of cause and effect has not changed.  Toxicity is the basic cause.  Detoxification is the basic corrective therapy in naturopathic medicine.  Orthodox drug medicine, for the last three generations, has ignored our long history, largely because their form of medicine is based on suppressing symptoms with toxic substances.  This is the exact antithesis of naturopathic principles, philosophy and practice.

What most orthodox doctors are not taught in their conditioning centers, called medical schools, is prescription and over the counter drugs can remain deeply lodged in cells, tissue and organs for 10, 20, 30 years or more.  Most drug medicine physicians and pharmacists are unaware of the persistent nature of pharmaceuticals in the body.  They don’t leave easily.

What allopathic chiropractic, naturopathic doctors and patients need to become aware of is naturopathic detoxification refers to detoxification at the cellular level.  To be truly detoxified of a life time of over the counter, recreational and prescription drugs must be addressed.  High level wellness is not possible housing toxic drugs from the past.

I mention this because the term, “detoxification” has been thrown around so much, like the word, “Holistic”, that the term has become nebulous.  I had a patient tell me that her chiropractic doctor detoxified her in two days.  Upon further questioning, I learned that what she was referring to was a bowel movement, which she didn’t have for two weeks.  I explained that detoxification involves much more than having an occasional bowel movement.

Every field has its hucksters.  Now that naturopathic and alternative medicine has become popular, many of the big boys, who were marketing multi-level, used car’s and horse manure, just a few short  years ago, are now vitamin experts.  I even know a few medical doctors that I can name who told my patients, in the not too distant past, not to take my natural vitamins.  Guess what they are endorsing today?  You guessed it, vitamins!

Detoxification was criticized, mocked and laughed at only a few years ago.  It has now become an acceptable, popular and even a sought after modality.  Should it surprise anyone that the new breed of health hucksters now (app ???) this term for their products and services.

It is for this reason, when we use the term, “naturopathic detoxification”, we are referring to total detoxification at the cellular level that also addresses drug by-products and residues that are lodged deep in tissue.

Future scientific research not funded by the pharmaceutical industry, medical monopoly or drug gang will reveal that our  modern day degenerate

disease, such as, cancer, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, brain fog, depression, anxiety, lymes disease, diabetes, pre-mature aging, obesity, and immune disorders, are directly associated with not only the over use of antibiotics, over the counter drugs, immunizations, prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals but the intereaction of deeply embedded chemical substances taken years ago and long forgotten

Drug doctors don’t know about the long term deleterious effects of their prescriptions.  They are not cognizant of the diseases they are creating later in their patient’s lives with their prescription pad.  Ask most drug doctors how long the drug stays in your body.  They’ll tell you 72 hours.  This answer is, of course, incorrect.  They say this because their brain conditioning centers, called medical schools, pumped this idea into their heads.  Some drugs never come out.  They cause reactions in the body with other substances many years later.

Every doctor in America has a PDR, a Physicians Desk reference Manual that lists the so-called side effects of every known drug in the world.  First of all we must understand that the term, “side effect” is a bought and paid for Madison Avenue word.  If we were truthful in our language, we would use the more correct term, “poisoning effect”.  In Short:  A side effect from a prescription drug is indeed a poisoning effect.

Allopathic medicine is the art of using poisons to suppress disease symptoms.  The definition of allopathic medicine is the treatment (suppression) of a disease symptom.  No pretense is made at seeking the cause of a symptom, only the suppression of a symptom.  We must remember symptoms are not diseases.

It is really a Tomfoolery form of medicine that resembles Egyptian sorcery or magic.  The proponents of this drug system have the audacity to call it a science or scientific medicine, but according to Robert Mendelson, M.D., a former president of the American Medical Association, modern day orthodox drug medicine has very little real science to back it up.  He wrote in his book, “the Medical Heretic”, 80% of all medical procedures have little or no  scientific efficacy.   This includes,  immunization, flu shots,

angioplasty,   by-pass    surgery,    chemotherapy,    radiation,   hysterectomy

and most surgical procedures.  He goes on to say that orthodox drug medicine, after 40 years of private practice, looks more like a religion than it does a science.

Iaotragenic disease is the fastest growing disease in
America today.  It’s the leading cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer.  What is iaotrogenic disease?  It is doctor/drug-induced disease, disease that would not have existed if it were not for the doctor’s prescription.

The New England Journal of Medicine announced that over 100,000 deaths are attributed each year to doctor’s practicing medicine by the book.  One hundred thousand deaths are what a conservative medical journal admits. to.  The ANA places this number at 337,000.  Julian Witerker, M.D., Gary Null, Ph.D. and the award winning VCR documentary, “Death By Prescription”, (available - $20.00) puts the total number of all medical deaths at 887,000 per year.

This means that establishment medicine kills more people in one year than all the wars in our nation’s history.  Even discounting this number, seeing your drug doctor filling his prescription has proven to be a very dangerous practice.

Some people think drug medicine heals people.  This is incorrect.  God designed the body to heal itself.  Some people may reply that lives have been saved with some drugs.  That is true, but the good must always be weighed with the downside risks.  America is the sickest nation in the world  today mainly because it is the most drugged and overmedicated nation in history.  The accumulative effect of drugs is just beginning to have its toll on the nation’s health.  Our nation’s immune system is coming close to an all time low.  We are being set up for plagues that no drug can cure.

Remember it’s not just the over the counter aspirin that you popped yesterday. or the headache remedy you took this morning or the prescription that you got refilled last week, it’s the cumulative effect of a life time of over the counter, recreational, so-called immunizations, mindless flu shots and prescription drugs residues that are lodged deep in bodily tissue, glands, organs, nerves, cells, and let us not forget, what’s lodged in brain cells.

Truth has not been taught to our medical doctors in their conditioning centers, called medical schools.  If they were given full disclosure, if they were taught truth, few would be writing prescriptions as freely as they do.  Pharmaceuticals would be reserved for times of emergency and not handed out so quickly.

If medical doctors were taught the whole truth about drugs in medical school, what information would they be given before they went into private and public practice?

  • All drugs are immune suppressors.
  • So-called side effects are, in reality, poisoning effects.
  • God never designed the human body to ingest drugs.
  • There is no metabolic process to throw drug residues out of the cell.
  • The only substances that our Creator designed the human body to take in are air, water and food.
  • The father of all modern medicine, Hippocrates, taught in all his medical schools in the Greek Empire, “Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food.” (4th Century BC)
  • God revealed to us through the prophet Ezekiel, that the leaf (natural medicine, from the earth) is designed to be (M  ???) medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12)
  • God revealed to us through the prophet David, that the herb from the earth was made to be our medicine.  (Psalms 104:14)
  • All drugs are toxic to human cells.

10.  Drug medicine did not originate with Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, but with Egyptian sorcery and witchcraft.

11.  For the last three decades the number one cause of hospital emergency and admission has been drug intereaction intervention.

12.  There are no safe drugs.

13.  The simplest drug aspirin, kills 5,000 people a year, and is a leading cause of stomach bleeding, ulcers, macular degeneration and pancreatic cancer.

14.  There is little scientific efficacy to back the practice of immunization.  What we do have demonstrates that it is a deleterious practice causing more long-term harm than good.

15.  80% of the antibiotic use is being used incorrectly, does not work and is harmful, compromising the patient’s immune system.

16.  Antibiotics wipe out the lymphatic systems delicate ecology, bowel flora, blood chemistry and the body’s own immune system.

17.  Flu shots are a mindless practice, according to scientific findings

18.  The use of the term medical science in the practice of allopathic medicine is the incorrect use of the term.  Allopathy has far less scientific backing than we assume.

19.  80% of our modern day practice of medicine has no scientific efficacy.  We simply believe it’s a good thing.  (based on Faith)

20.  Chemotherapy kills more people than cancer.  Double blind cross over studies have demonstrated that the survival rate is higher with people who do nothing than chemotherapy.

21.  The administration of toxic substances to a sick, immune compromised patient may not be the sensible practice of medicine.

22.  Most drug by-products and residues never leave the body.  They remain in tissue for life.

23.  Much of our modern day unexplainable disease may be the result of trapped toxins form drugs taken decades ago that react with recent drugs, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants.

24.  Certain drugs, once taken, make it almost impossible to lose weight.  Much of our obesity epidemic is the result of prescription drugs.

25.  Every mass murder, including sodomite, Jeffery Dommer , was on psychotropic drugs.

It should be obvious that the principles, philosophy and practice of allopathic medicine are different from orthodox drug medicine.  Does that mean that one is better than the other?  Absolutely not, different, yes, but not necessarily better.  Unfortunately the drug gang, driven by the profit motive, attempted to wipe out every aspect of naturopathic medicine and an important part of human history for three generations.  They have done this in their pharmaceutical conditioning centers, called medical schools, teaching young doctors false doctrines of allopathic superiority, daring to call it “scientific.”  They then work overtime conditioning eager minds to believe that natural treatments are all quackery.

We can all be thankful to God Almighty that these minions and ministers from hell, failed.  Intelligent people are not only seeking, they are demanding, a preventative alternative to orthodox drug medicine.  They want change and they are willing to take some responsibility for their own health.

Is there a place for both allopathic and naturopathic medicine?  King Solomon of ancient Israel, was the wisest man who ever lived.  According to Holy Scripture he wrote, “There is a time and a place for everything under the sun.”  (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

When my bike tire blew out on a spiked metal bridge, o my motorcycle, and I was thrown over the handle bars, landing on my head and face, I was thankful that there were trained surgeons available to sew my head, nose, face and arm back together.

Naturopathy and allopathy both have their place.  Naturopathic medicine is best at detoxification, building nutritional wellness, immune enhancement, preventative and high-level wellness.  Allopathic medicine is best at diagnostics, high tech procedures, disease intervention, emergency medicine and life saving procedures.

In the future, both branches of medicine will work together for the benefit of humanity.  Doctors in both branches go into this field, not just to earn a living, but to help people.  If it wasn’t for the drug gang attempting to stamp out what they perceive as competition, resulting in the loss of their pharmaceutical profits, power and influence, I believe both branches would be working more closely together.