Parkinson's Disease

  1. Named Condition: Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Definition of (Named Condition)
  3. Orthodox Drug Medicine Explanation of Causation
  4. Etiology
  5. (Named Condition) Symptomatology Self-Test
  6. Associated Conditions
  7. Medical Conditions Attributed
  8. Conditions Leading to if left Unaddressed
  9. Orthodox Drug Medicine Prognosis
  10. Orthodox Drug Medicine Standard Treatment
  11. Known Side Effects from Medical Treatment
  12. Naturopathic General Refutation of Orthodox Drug Medicine Standard Treatment
  13. Nutritional Deficiency Causation
  14. Metaphysical Causation (beyond the physical) includes Mental and emotional
  15. Spiritual Causation
  16. Naturopathic Causation
  17. Therapeutic Natural Foods
  18. Special Naturopathic Food Medicines and Tonics
  19. Special Recipe Protocols
  20. Homeopathic Remedies and Glandulars
  21. Botanical Healing Tea Formulations
  22. Ionic Liquid Mineral Formulations
  23. Raw Juice Therapy
  24. Nutraceutical Natural Food Supplements
  25. Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy and Compounding Pharmacy Prescription Items
  26. Suggested Clinical Therapies
  27. Suggested Home Therapies
  28. Exercise/Fitness Medicine
  29. Brain Washing Therapy Session
  30. Rife Vibrational Medicine Frequencies
  31. Color Therapy
  32. Bibliotherapy
  33. Auto Suggestions
  34. Prayer Therapy
  35. Books, DVDs, CD and Resources